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Исправление руссификатора для Portal

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Portal Fix Russian Localization

Исправление руссификатора для Portal

Author / s of the patch : JersonGaming
Views : 1440 ( +1 )
Downloads : 42
Uploader : NitrO
Created : 08/23/2017 6:25:55 AM
Source :
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Following translations are available : | english | russian |

This modification:

1. Corrects the shortcomings of the crack from Buki (missing effects, interrupt replicas, etc.);

2. Changes part of the sounds of the environment (most of Portal 2);

3. Russify textures.


Full list of changes:

- Returned effects in NPC replicas from the original voice;

- Fixed timings of scenes;

- Fixed NPC scripts;

- Fixed discrepancies in subtitles with sound;

- Changed the color and outline of subtitles similar to the style from Portal 2;

- Russified the textures of notes of a madman;

- Russified texture of objects;

- Russified textures of warning signs;

- Changed the sounds of buttons, elevator doors, player, weapons, interaction, knocking, strikes, surroundings.



1.Unpack the archive in any way

2. Place unpacked folders along the path ... \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Portal \ portal \ custom (if there are no "custom" folders, then create it)

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1. ( 30 Mb )
Portal Fix Russian Localization Portal Fix Russian Localization Portal Fix Russian Localization Portal Fix Russian Localization
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